The Evolution of Coworking

A Coworking space can be defined as a space where different companies and individuals share office space. Coworking has continued to be a growing business with over 10,000 cowork spaces worldwide. The space is designed to combine the feeling of independence and freedom of working individually with the community feel and structure of working with others.

Throughout the years, cowork spaces have continued to evolve in many forms. Cowork spaces around the world have adopted different strategies to achieve collaboration and productivity amongst their members. Today coworking spaces offer their members different levels of subscriptions; day passes, monthly subscriptions, custom packages, and service-focused options.

The benefits of working in a cowork space have been seen throughout the years. The top 5 benefits would be;

  • Endless networking opportunities
  • Highly cost-efficient
  • A great boost in productivity
  • Plenty of collaboration opportunities
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to having an office space

With such amazing benefits, coworking is considered one of the most fast-moving trends in the world, especially with the pandemic. With amazing flexible and affordable packages, one can get their work done in a more relaxing but efficient environment. People meet, collaborate, network, and widen their social circle.

On August 9th, the international coworking community celebrates its existence. Coworkers around the world unify for one day of celebrations and appreciate the positive impact that cowork spaces have on society and their lives. As we celebrate, we cannot help but look into the future of coworking spaces. Even amidst the pandemic, coworking spaces have provided employers with solutions to remote working, resulting in increased revenue. The market is expected to reach $13.03 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 12%.

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Esther Muna
Community Manager

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