We’re based at the canopy level of mature forest, where our floor-to- ceiling windows offer close-up stunning views of majestic 100 ft high mature trees. We’re offering you an ultra modern working space, surrounded by a rich habitat in a leafy green world, complete with East Africa’s famous vervet monkeys playing in the trees, as part of your working environment.

Breath-taking scenery from every point at Indigo

Our spaces within, are just as amazing.  Well-lit and well-ventilated spaces have been authentically and tastefully designed to create an ambience that allows you to be as productive as possible.

We're unapologetically Kenyan

We’ve invested in Kenya’s local artisans to support the  ‘jua-kali’ ( informal ) self-employed sector.  We’re showing off local art, sculptures and furniture.  Our signage is in ‘Sheng’, the slang that is Kenya’s popular youth culture.  All of this will immerse you into the local Kenyan vibe as you go about your work.

'Within the illusion of chaos, lies collaboration'

Our Inspiration

Walking around the Indigo Cowork space,  our art collection shows collaboration, connection and networking at every level brings innovation, increases creativity and results in success.  Whether its Nairobi’s famous matatus (privately owned minibus taxis) or the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the Mara, ‘within the illusion of chaos, lies collaboration’.

A breath of fresh air - with plants, light and ventilation

Within the space, carefully selected and lovingly placed plants, energise the surroundings and create an ambience of peace, tranquility and well-being.  We all know that plants detoxify the environment, reduce levels of airborne bacteria, while relieving dust allergies.  We believe plants will do wonders for your productivity and help to reduce stress.

Are you an Indigo personality?

They are people who are highly driven and creative, with a perception that see through the established norms of society. Their mission is clearly laid out to shake the modern world and pave the way for future generations to create greater peace and harmony.

Indigo Personality Traits

You feel awakened, inspired and part of nature

Destined to be here-confident & emboldened by something larger than you can name

High expectations of yourself and see only the best

You are a change-maker

A strong intuition who sees the world differently

A change-maker-always seeking new and better methods

Knows your self-worth

Passionate and focused with a big-picture vision

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Come have a taste of our value proposition. One of our team members will take you around the space and answer any queries you may have. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm.

You can book a tour or reach out to us via the details below. Feel free to ask any query you may have about our packages, amenities, uniqueness, or even pricing.

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