What is Indigo?

“Think of it as a cowork space, but on steroids”, said our director, Anita when asked to describe Indigo Cowork Space.

The inspiration behind the space was brought about by the sudden need for a cowork space that works less as a corporate office outside your office, and more of a creative hub where entrepreneurs, SMEs, and remote workers would ignite their creativity, expand their networks and root themselves in a community that believes in a mosaic effort to create an overall stunning masterpiece.  


With a director that has over 40 years in Education, Indigo was founded with strong points on training, workshops, and mentorship programs for its community members. Having partnered with Intel College, a renowned educational hub and institute for CIM, ABE, ICDL and so much more, Indigo has direct links to resources and professionals who can elevate, propel and mentor our community members in their businesses. 


Is Indigo the place for my business?

Okay, so you might be wondering, “Is Indigo the ideal coworking space for me and my business?”

And we might not give you a direct Yes or No answer. (That’s too simple)

We’ll tell you rather how the ideal Indigo personality looks like and you’ll let us know if it sounds familiar. 


Indigo Personality Traits
  • You feel awakened & inspired by nature
  • Destined to be here-confident & emboldened by something larger than you can name
  • High expectations of yourself and see only the best
  • You are a change-maker
  • A strong intuition who sees the world differently
  • A change-maker-always seeking new and better methods
  • Knows your self-worth
  • Passionate and focused with a big-picture vision


So, ready to be a part of the Indigo cowork community?

Check out our packages, and let us know when you are ready for your tour.


Abraham Kiptanui

Indigo Community Team